Frequently Asked Questions

The KeepWell is a highly intelligent monitoring solution that detects abnormal movements and instantly alerts contacts.
You will need the KeepWell camera, charging cord, mobile phone, and internet connection.
A 2.4 ghz wifi connection is required.
You can download the KeepWell app onto your Android phone in the Play Store, and onto your iPhone in the App Store.
If the KeepWell app is not recognizing the QR code during setup, try the following:
  • - Make sure that the room is dim (light can affect the sensors)
  • - Ensure that the QR code is within a foot of the camera
  • - Increase the brightness of your phone
  • - Move the phone to test different distances
You will need to be within 5 feet of your internet router.
The camera’s battery will keep its charge for at least two weeks.

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