Assistive Technology to Enhance Safety and Independence

KeepWell has been designed to enhance autonomy and safety of individuals and provide peace of mind for family members.

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About KeepWell

Foster autonomy and safety

KeepWell is a video solution for individuals who would like to watch for unusual activity at night, especially during sleep. Upon any abnormal movements, text and phone notifications are sent out to family and loved ones and allows them to tap into the live video stream and have 2-way communication with the person experiencing these movements. KeepWell features include adjustable settings, a live video feed, recorded video for later review and more. KeepWell has been designed to enhance autonomy and safety of individuals and provide peace of mind for family members.


Thoughtfully designed for caregivers & parents

Sophisticated Motion Sensors

KeepWell looks for unusual movements, such as frequently getting in and out of bed, restless tossing and turning, and other activities of interest. Set the camera to monitor activity in an area of your choice, such as the bedroom or other common areas of your home.

Sends Timely Notifications

Loved ones and caregivers are able to receive text and phone alerts instantly when abnormal, or repetitive, movement is detected without having to download the KeepWell app. Users are able to customize their experience with the ability to set unique alarm thresholds, sync multiple devices to each camera, and adjust the motion settings and sensitivity.

Auto-records abnormal motion

With the KeepWell solution, you are able to keep track of abnormal motion at any time - at night, when an individual is at home alone, or anytime the user would like to experience more independence while their loved ones have more peace of mind.

Safe and Easy to Use

Keepwell’s video camera is battery operated, keeping its charge for 60-90 days, and utilizes infrared technology to allow for clear visibility at night. It is small and easy to move from one location to another, and can be mounted to a wall or placed on any flat surface. Videos are recorded locally on the camera for safe and easy retrieval, no cloud storage is required.

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